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ZQ-LINK HDMI Audio Video Cable 10 Metter

Mới Full Box 100% Full Box
Made In Hongkong

Giá:750.000 đ

  • 3D & HDTV Compatible
  • HDMI with Ethernet
  • High Speed Cable
  • Gold Plated connector
  • Connects to cablebox, Satellite, DVD & other HDMI Devices. Enchances color, picture & sound. Hi-Definition Quality Ensures Superior Signal Transfer. HDMI v.1.4 with Audio Return Channel and HDMI Ethernet Channel, Internet-based equipment can share Internet access with other HDMI devices without any more Ethernet Cable. High-definition TV transfer audio to A/V amplifer receiver by HDMI cable directly. Support 3D format and resolution. Family 3D system input output achieve some standardizations, the supported resolution to the two video streams 1080p. Maximum support 4k*2K(3840*2160 24Hz/25Hz/30Hz or 4096*2160p 24Hz).

400.000 đ500.000 vnđ
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