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Apple Universal Dock iPhone 4

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Universal Dock Handles All Dockable iPods

The Apple Universal Dock serves as a convenient and elegant home base for charging, syncing, and more. Through the use of interchangeable inserts called Dock Adapters, it works with iPhone and all iPod models that have a dock connector. So even if you own more than one iPod or iPhone, you can keep just one Dock connected to your computer, stereo, or TV. And when your iPod or iPhone is in the Dock and connected to a stereo or TV, the included Apple Remote lets you experience songs, slideshows, and more from across the room. Just choose a playlist, slideshow, or video, then sit back and enjoy. The Apple Remote offers play/pause, volume control, and forward/back buttons for easy control.

Here are some of the things you can do with the Universal Dock:

  • Connect the Dock to your computer with the cable that came with your iPod or iPhone, then place your iPod or iPhone in the Dock to sync and charge the battery. No more reaching behind the computer to plug it in.
  • Connect the Dock to an electrical outlet using a USB Power Adapter, then place your iPod or iPhone in the Dock to charge the battery.
  • Connect the Dock to a stereo or speakers using a stereo audio cable to play music from iPod or iPhone.
  • Control playback from a distance using the included Apple Remote.
  • Display photos or video on a TV or other video device using a Component AV Cable or Composite AV Cable if you have an iPod that plays video or an iPhone.
  • Any iPhone or iPod with a dock connector can fit perfectly into the Universal Dock through the use of interchangeable inserts called Dock Adapters. You simply insert the Dock Adapter for your particular model, then plug in your iPod. When you want to connect a different-size iPod or iPhone, simply pop out the Dock Adapter and insert another one.

The Universal Dock package also includes five adapters for iPod and iPhone models. Other adapters, cables, and the USB Power Adapter are available separately.

Apple iPod Universal Dock Package Includes:

  • iPod Universal Dock
  • Apple Remote

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