Microsoft HD Digital A/V Adapter

Giá:1.950.000 đ

Miễn phí cà thẻ & giao hàng toàn quốc

Compatible with Microsoft Surface and Surface 2

To connect your device to an HDMI-compatible device or display (HDMI extension cable not included).

HDMI adapter

Allows you to display your photos, videos, presentations and more on a large screen in high-definition.

Male HDMI interface

Provides a reliable connection to a wide range of compatible displays and devices, such as select HDTVs, monitors and projectors.

350.000 đ900.000 vnđ

50.000 đ

5.200.000 đ

500.000 đ1.000.000 vnđ
500.000 đ600.000 vnđ
500.000 đ1.200.000 vnđ
350.000 đ1.100.000 vnđ
350.000 đ900.000 vnđ
150.000 đ200.000 vnđ
100.000 đ350.000 vnđ

2.500.000 đ

TP-Link WIFI 3G/4G LTE - M7350
350.000 đ900.000 vnđ

580.000 đ

350.000 đ700.000 vnđ
350.000 đ900.000 vnđ

900.000 đ

TP-Link TL-WR841HP
400.000 đ1.000.000 vnđ

350.000 đ

TP-Link TD-WR841N
350.000 đ700.000 vnđ