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Anker SoundBuds Sport IE 20 Headphones

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SoundBuds Sport IE20

The Comfort-Fit Earbuds with Smart-Magnet Control

Advanced Audio Technology

Connect via Bluetooth 4.1 and instantly enjoy crystal-clear, finely balanced stereo sound up to 33-feet from your device. CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology reduces background noise and microphone echo. AptX HD gives lossless, CD-quality sound (for aptX-compatible devices).

Smart-Magnet Control

Automatically connect to your last device or pair with a new one by separating the earbuds. Control your music and phone calls (on the built-in mic) in the same way.

Comfortable to Wear

A complete range of eartip and earhook sizes are included for a perfect fit. Comes with two sets of eartips: noise-isolating and semi-open which let you hear outside sounds. The Neckband design keeps wires out of the way and tangle-free.

Long Battery Life

SoundBuds have an impressive 8-hour playtime on a 1.5-hour charge, allowing you to enjoy music on-the-go all week. They interface seamlessly with iOS to display remaining battery life (playtime varies according to volume level and audio content).


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TP-Link WIFI 3G/4G LTE - M7350

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TP-Link TL-WR841HP
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TP-Link WIFI 3G/4G LTE - M7300
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TP-Link TD-WR841N
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